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Suite 23, Peninsula Specialist Centre, 101 George St, Kippa-Ring, QLD 4021

Dr Lydia Mowlem is a Sleep Physician and will review patients with sleep related disorders including sleep apnoea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, insomnia, restless legs syndrome and parasomnias.
She can see patients suspected of any sleep condition or review patients with sleep study results.


Dr Lydia Mowlem sees patients prior to surgery to ensure they are in optimal condition for surgical procedures. She can follow their progress prior to and after surgery to ensure they receive optimal medical care during their surgical admission.

Perioperative medicine

Inpatient admission and management

sleep medicine

Thoracic medicine

Dr Lydia Mowlem is experienced in the management of long term respiratory illnesses including COPD, asthma, bronchiectasis and interstitial lung disease. She has interests in the timely diagnosis and management of lung cancer and has completed research in the optimal management of malignant pleural disease.
She can admit patients requiring optimisation of their respiratory status and follow their progress through clinic.

Dr Lydia Mowlem has admission rights to Peninsula Private Hospital on the Redcliffe Peninsula where she admits patients to both the medical and rehabilitation wards.

Dr Lydia Mowlem is trained in the management of acutely unwell patients as well as those with chronic multisystem disease. Her training as a General Physician enables her to manage patients with a wide spectrum of medical conditions including lung and cardiac conditions, undifferentiated medical illness and complex illness. For several years she worked in Acute Medicine admitting ill patients and is happy to take direct referrals from the community for patients requiring direct admission to hospital.

Dr Lydia Mowlem has an interest in palliative care with a belief in the holistic care of patients with incurable illness to ensure they receive the best care available in difficult circumstances.