A sleep study is a medical test. Sleep is monitored to assist with the diagnosis of sleep problems. Monitoring leads and sensors will be attached to your legs, chest and head in order to measure various parameters which assist in identifying various sleep problems. A home based sleep study has the same physiologic measures as an in-lab sleep study but with the comfort of sleeping in your own bed at home.

How do I arrange a home based sleep study?

Arranging a Home Based Sleep Study is easy, it just requires a referral from a Doctor or Specialist. We then take care of the rest, contacting you to arrange an appointment time at the Clinic most convenient for you. In most situations, the study can be scheduled within two weeks of receiving a request.

NOTHING!!! Our comprehensive Home Based Sleep Studies are BULK BILLED through Medicare.

What does a Sleep Study Involve?

What is a Sleep Study Test?

How much will it cost?

Moreton Bay's own Sleep Medicine Hub. Providing Moreton Bay residents with a local health option regarding all matters of Sleep. From Home based Sleep Diagnostic testing, expert advice provided by our on-site Sleep Physician and visiting CPAP therapists.

All of these services and more are co-located at Suite 23, Peninsula Specialist Centre on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Sleep medicine hub - moreton bay

Our sleep study appointments take less than 30 minutes and are typically scheduled from 7pm on week days. Our friendly sleep technicians will address any concerns or questions you may have. A light-weight portable monitor and electrodes are placed on your upper body in order to allow us to continuously measure:

  • Wake and Sleep Stages (EEG)
  • Heart rate and Rhythm (ECG)
  • Breathing (flow sensor)
  • Respiratory effort (respiratory  and abdominal bands)
  • Oxygen levels (oximeter)
  • Leg movements (leg leads)

The monitor and discreet leads gives you full mobility to travel home and move throughout the night. This is the great advantage of a Home Based Sleep Study by allowing sleep that is comfortable, convenient and most likely to be representative of your typical sleep patterns. No need to worry even if your night is more restless than usual, a thorough report can in most cases be gained from only a few hours sleep.

Our sleep technicians will show you how to easily self remove the monitor in the morning. All of the equipment is to be placed into the bag you were given at the set-up appointment and returned to the clinic after 9am. Please note that you don't personally have to return the equipment, a family member or a friend may return it.

Once returned, our Sleep Scientists will download the data from the monitoring device and score the Sleep Study. The Scored sleep study is then converted to a report in which our Sleep Physician will review and make comments and recommendations. The Sleep Study report is then securely sent electronically to your GP or specialist referrer within two weeks of your study.

Please click on the "Preparation Sheet" button below to review what preparation is needed before your Sleep Study.

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